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The Overbed Table

Take your bed to the next level

Enjoy music and videos, read, use your laptop, eat, drink, work and play... Bedchill helps your bed to fulfill all your desires

Select your Bedchill
  • Use your laptop with unmatched comfort

    Say goodbye to the painful postures and the laptop overheating. Bedchill provides perfect support for your laptop while enabling a healthy posture

  • Watch a movie or a series comfortably

    Finally you can get your laptop or TV safely and perfectly positioned in unmatched comfort. Bedchill is your "in bed home theater system"

  • Eat and drink without dropping or spilling

    Plate of food dropped and drink spilled on your bedding are finally things of the past! With Bedchill's table top you can eat and drink in bed with confidence and in comfort

  • Read and watch videos with perfect posture

    Bedchill promotes ergonomic support of your back so you don't have to change your posture every few minutes while reading your favorite book or watching your videos

Bedchill is designed and handcrafted in France

All Bedchill products are made-to-order in our factory according to your specification

How to select your perfect Bedchill?

Bedchill features

  • LED lights

    Two integrated LED lights illuminate your bedside so you can walk safely at night. Set the light to your desired mood: select the color and mode, and adjust the brightness via remote control.

  • Stereo speakers

    Bedchill is a professional home theater system in your bed. Simply connect your devices via Bluetooth and enjoy the great sound quality.

  • Power outlets & USB charging ports

    Powering additional devices is easy on either side of your bed - no more messy and dangerous wire loops. Charge your phone, tablet... from Bedchill's 4 USB charging ports, and keep them close by.

  • Drawers

    Organize and protect all your items in the drawers' easy to reach extra space.

  • Raised safety edges

    While you comfortably chill in your bed, you don’t want anything to slide, fall or spill on it from your Bedchill. That’s why Bedchill has 3 raised edges on the back and sides.

  • Retractable power cord

    The power cord automatically retracts inside the leg. No more messy and dangerous power cord loops on your floor.

  • Casters

    Bedchill's 4 casters easily and safely glide on any floor type to perfect Bedchill position.

  • Flexible design

    Bedchill is available in 3 widths that match all standard bed sizes, and you can adjust all 3 Bedchill models anytime to fit your preferred Bedchill height.