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What power outlets & plug type to choose?

You can choose between 2 power outlets & plug types for your Bedchill:

TYPE 1 (US & EU):

- Here are the power outlets for "TYPE 1": they work for USA, FRANCE, EUROPE.

- Here is the plug for "TYPE 1": For USA, the adapter is not needed. For FRANCE and EUROPE the provided adapter is needed:


TYPE 2 (Universal: US & EU & UK & AUS):

- The power outlets for "TYPE 2" are universal, they work for all plug types: US, EU, UK, AUSTRALIA, CHINA…

- Here is the plug for "TYPE 2": For US, EU and UK, the provided adapter is needed (You will receive all 3 adapters in the package, and you will simply have to install the one needed in your country).
For AUSTRALIA and CHINA, no adapter is needed.