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Bedchill 3

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After a long day, we all look forward to relax in the most comfortable place on earth: OUR BED. Most modern beds are comfortable, but lack practicality, and their design hasn't changed in centuries. It's time to upgrade and modernize the functionality of the furniture we spend so much of our life in. That's why we created Bedchill.

Bedchill 3 is the latest Bedchill version for 2021. The LED light is now placed under the table top, making it possible to create a discreet and more efficient mood light, more diffused, and less dazzling. Also, the remote control now uses 2.4 GHz wireless RF technology, so that you can set up the lighting from anywhere in the room.

The other evolution concerns the USB ports that offer even more connectivity. Bedchill 3 comes with two brand new Power delivery 40W type-C ports, and two quick charge  type-A USB ports. You can now power some Apple MacBooks directly from Bedchill 3 USB ports!

You can choose between 2 power outlets & plugs types:
- Type 1 (US & EU), only for USA, FRANCE, EUROPE
- Type 2 (Universal: US & EU & UK & AUS), for all countries (USA, Europe, UK, AUSTRALIA, CHINA...)
Click HERE to see what Type 1 and Type 2 outlets & plug look like

Bedchill is available in 2 sizes: M - Medium and L - Large.
Browse the website to find out the exact Bedchill size you need.
Bedchill M fits over most double beds, full beds, queen beds, plus 140cm and 160cm wide beds.
Bedchill L fits over most California king beds, king beds, super king beds, plus 180cm and 200cm wide beds.

Each Bedchill is specially made-to-order to exactly meet your selection in Bedchill factory. Fabricating and delivering your Bedchill takes from 1 to 3 weeks depending on shipping option you choose.

Bedchill lets you:
➡ Use your laptop and read in bed with great comfort. Say goodbye to painful postures
➡ Eat and drink in bed without spills and drops. Enjoy your Sunday Brunch
➡ Comfortably watch your favorite movies & videos in bed. No more laptop overheating
➡ Always stay cozy tucked in under the covers no matter what you do in bed
➡ Work anytime while staying in bed. Change the concept of "work" to "work-in-bed"

Bedchill features take your bed to the next level:
Bedchill's 4 power outlet and 4 USB charging ports make you are always connected. Charging your laptop, tablet or smartphone from your bed has never been easier.
Bedchill mood LED lights make your bedroom brighter without having to turn on your main lights. Select color, mode and brightness to match your mood using your included remote control.
A smartphone, tablet or laptop sound quality is never great. No more. Bedchill built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers let you to connect your devices to enjoy amazing audio quality. Bedchill is the first "home theater system" for your bed.
Power cord will never bother you because it automatically retracts. Included Bedchill "cable stop" perfectly adjusts your power cord without pulling the power outlet.
Bedchill has 2 drawers, so that you can keep everything in reach, organized and clean.
Bedchill's raised edges assure no spills and no items falling on your bed.
Bedchill's legs have 4 casters that gently glide on any floor type.
Bedchill height is adjustable to fit any bedBedchill table top goes from 30.5" to 44.7" high (77cm to 113cm), measured from the floor.
If the orignal height range is too high for your bed, you can buy the "Short legs" here as an option. Short legs option allows Bedchill table top to be from 21.3" to 35.4" high (54cm to 90cm) measured from the floor.

▶ Select Bedchill color to perfectly match or complement your bedroom design.
Bedchill is suitable for both small and large surfaces. You can store it at the end of the bed, or slide it completely away from your bed. Glide it anywhere against a wall in your room to turn Bedchill into a connected desk, console table, or table for sofas or recliners.

Bedchill is delivered into a strong carton box. Bedchill legs are disassembled and placed under the table top for transport. The carton box includes:
▪ Bedchill table top with drawers
▪ Bedchill legs, placed under the table top
▪ 14 legs screws, to assemble the legs to the table top
▪ Tools (Torx key + Torx bit)
▪ Spare fuse
▪ RF remote control for the lights
▪ Cable stop with its 2 locking screws
▪ Assembly instructions & User guide
Check out How to assemble and install your Bedchill.

Bedchill offers delivery worldwide.
Shipping is free to France , to most EU countries, and to the USA.
For other destinations, shipping costs are calculated at checkout, before payment.
If the country you would like your Bedchill to be shipped to is not listed in the delivery options, please contact us so we can offer you a custom delivery solution.

➡ Click here to find out how to assemble and install your Bedchill
➡ Click here to find out how to select Bedchill size for your bed

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Wow - game changer

Just received my Bedchill 3 to Canada. This is even better than I had imagined. The packaging was extra protective - FedEx noted my carton was damaged, but no problem at all. Easy assembly, and I really appreciated the drill bit - very nice! I'm using this for triple duty -- a stand-up desk, rolling workstation, and light studio for video/zoom/webex (perfect with all the USB ports). Quality is top notch, very solid. The speakers and lighting really put it over the top - great ambience. This is just so enjoyable to use, I actually want to stand and work. A beautifully designed and versatile piece of furniture for work/life balance. I move it around, roll it over a dining table, bed, living room - it goes everywhere and my gear is still all set up. brilliant

Ian Trendell
Opened and impressed so far

Well, we finally got around to unwrapping the very detailed and great protective wrapping to reveal our white Bed Chill. So far we are impressed with the quality and the ease of putting together. Tested the lights, speakers and looking forward to using our Bed Chill once Amanda has had her operations and needs to rest. Once we paid the import duty which we did not account for the package was well protected and although bulky not too heavy to move indoors and lay on the bed as followed in the video of how to put together.


This table is verery good quality I would recomend it anytime. I know the price is high but it is definetly worth every pennie.

Don Moody
Perfect in every way as a professional.

I saw this concept after the kickstarter had expired and made my purchase. Shipping was as stated in timing (as this was pre-covid) and it came safe and pristine. Set up was simple as the video describes. I now have had it over a year and the quality is certainly there. Looks like it did the day it arrived and all functions are still operating as offered.
I utilize this everyday (even now as I drink my morning coffee and watch the news) and it has made life simple. Very solid (heavy) and a MUST if you are an administrator and take your work home with you regularly. It will shortly become “The new office”, instead of getting out of bed to do Webex meetings etc..

I highly recommend this unit and don’t see how I had an efficient work life balance prior to purchase. They have excellent communication even if you are out the country (I’m in the US, so they do ship world wide) and Constance is very user friendly. The price may seem high but you should really weigh this by cost of an inconvenient lifestyle without it. I will state the quality is high (as you get what you pay for). I highly endorse these units and certainly recognize I will use this for many years. Excellent purchase! dm

Marie-José Dekkers

I was one of the European Kickstarter-backers for both 1 and 2. I use and truly enjoy my Bedchill daily. That was especially true earlier this year when I was bedridden for more than two months with COVID-19. Sounds cheesy but Bedchill played a role in pulling through because I could work, eat, play, chill, relax and watch Netflix in my bed.